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Introducing Capella Wood Floors
For a great value in traditional and scraped hardwood, choose Capella® Wood Floors. Available in popular colors and textures reflected in today's flooring trends, Capella Hardwood makes it easy to bring the style, warmth and beauty of hardwood into your home.
The Natural Character of Capella® Hardwood
Capella® Hardwood is abundant in natural character. In each carton, you can expect high color and character variation - each plank is unique in the type and amount of character featured. The grade of Capella Hardwood, classified as Rustic, means the following natural characteristics of wood should be expected: Filled Knots, Filled Splits, Large Mineral Streaks and High Color Variation.
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The Natural Character of Capella Hardwood
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Capella Engineered Installation Instructions
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Capella Scrape Engineered Data Sheet
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Capella Solid Installation Instructions
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Capella Smooth Solid Data Sheet
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